Sweat-Free UWM Logo
Sweat-Free Fashion Show Flyer
Sweat-Free T-Shirt
Sweat-Free T-Shirt Label

Sweat-Free UWM Campaign

I designed the logo and printed materials for a coalition of student organizations, businesses, and community organizations against UW-Milwaukee's claim that school apparel was sweatshop free. The resulting months of action lead to UWM's signing of the Designated Suppliers Program - an effort to limit university apparel purchases to garment producers that adhere to a set of fair labor practices. In addition to the logo, design, and t-shirts, I was also on the organizing committee and in the Sweatfree Fashion Show, held to raise awareness and increase availability for informed garment purchases on campus and across Milwaukee.

N.B. The Rosie the Riveter image is in public domain

Spring 2009
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