Briggs & Stratton Booklet Front and Back Covers
Briggs & Stratton Booklet Design Process Panel
Briggs & Stratton Booklet Product Explosion

Briggs & Stratton Dipstick

During my last semester in college, I was hired by an engineering team to replace their design student who had gotten a case of the "end of semester absences". The team was developing a low-cost automatic oil meter, and I was tasked with designing the booklet that they would use to pitch their solution to the research and development panel at Briggs & Stratton. I completed this project in a very short amount of time (while I myself was finishing my finals) , on budget, and the booklet was well received by the presentation panel. The product images were rendered by an engineering team member, with whom I worked to ensure a quick turnaround time.

December 2009
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